View Full Version : Does anyone have recent experience with Derrick Knob and Mollies Ridge in GSMNP?

06-09-2014, 10:00
We have 5 hiking Clingmans Dome to Fontana Dam and have reservations in these two shelters. Wonder how they are currently? (ie - Rodents, general condition, etc.)

Gnip Gnop
06-09-2014, 13:08
I stayed at those shelters while on a nobo section the week of May 19. Both are in good condition. I heard a few mice at each but no trouble from their explorations. Water was flowing good at the springs. The toilet areas were well used so choose your location wisely.
There was an incident at Mollies when a thru hiker lost her bear vault (BV500). She placed it on the ground away from the shelter and it turned up missing the next morning. She left her contact info in the log book if anybody happens to find it.

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06-09-2014, 16:23
Did that exact hike, but a while ago (Labor Day weekend 2013). Shelters were mouse-free and in great shape. Your second day will be a butt kicker, especially the early part if I remember correctly. Have a great hike. :)