View Full Version : Looking for a shuttle or trail angel to help with a ride!

Lady Grey
06-14-2014, 08:45
Hi All,

A friend and I will be hiking a 5-night section on the AT in late June. I did a thru-hike last year so have my notes about how I went through the section between Hanover and Franconia Notch, and I'm not sure we'll be quite as ambitious, but our plan is to start in Hanover and end in Franconia Notch.

Anyone have recommendations for who I might contact about a ride from the Notch back to Hanover? We're planning on driving to Hanover and leaving a car in their longterm parking lot. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Lady Grey
NOBO '13

Jack Tarlin
06-14-2014, 22:56
I have no idea what it would cost, but I'd call Legion (a great guy), who is the caretaker at Hiker's Welcome hostel in Glencliff. (603) 989-0040. If he can't help you, I'm sure he can direct you to someone who can.