View Full Version : Best deal at REI Garage Sale?

06-14-2014, 22:18
Ok the other post about garage sales combined with my awesome score today has me posting this. I got a small 2 liter sea to summit dry sack for three cents. THREE CENTS. What on earth can you get for three cents? Hell a soda can is worth a nickel! So far as I can tell, the item is brand new. Probably got found on the floor without a tag, and so is dumped into garage sale/damages. So far as I can math it, I got it for 1/400th of its retail value. Top/lower that. :p

Some past scores have been like new Merrell Chameleons for $5 (about 5% of retail value) and a Marmot Precip for $10 with a small hole that superglue took care of (10% retail value).

07-09-2014, 14:03
Awesome scores!

I just got a store locally and it so happened they a garage sale the second or third week they were open.

Being a long time REI shopper I already knew how the garage sales were, but had never been to one.

It was INSANE!

I didn't get there early enough to get any good deals. But I did pick up a used set of REI poles for $20

07-09-2014, 15:08
The Las Vegas slots might give you better odds than the odds on finding something useful and worthwhile at a fair price at an REI Garage Sale.