View Full Version : To Indie, Oconee (O'Coney??), & Ruff - thank you!

Anita in Maryland
06-15-2014, 19:21
I don't know of any other way to reach out to 3 thru-hikers that I met last week-end and wanted to express my gratitude for their kindnesses !! If any one knows these folks, please pass along my comments to them :)

To Oconee (sp?) and Ruff (?) - (This Maryland girl and her ears didn't think to ask the correct spelling). I interrupted you during your break at Pine Knob Shelter in Maryland. You graciously took the time to answer all my questions and more. Then you invited me to walk along with you a bit, which was a thrill for me, and I learned so much more about what thru-hiking is like, especially how hungry you get. I hope Ruff remains on the trail after stopping off at home in Pennsylvania and I hope Oconee continues to watch each and every sunrise.

To Indie - you literally took my breath away and stopped me in my tracks with the "trail mail" message you left for me !!! You made my day - week - year, and inspired me to give the trail a shot. I spent this week starting my research; I'm going to do it. Likely section hikes - I want to take lots of time to smell the roses, so to speak. Hopefully, I'll look as fresh, relaxed, and happy as you did - thanks for taking time out of your hike to share some thoughts. And then taking the extra time to leave me such an inspiring note.:sun

Happy trails and safe traveling to each of you :) You all left a mark on me.


06-15-2014, 19:40
where/when did you encounter them?

Anita in Maryland
06-17-2014, 20:55
where/when did you encounter them?

the previous week-end: Saturday, June 7; Pine Knob shelter and between Annapolis Rocks (in Maryland)

06-18-2014, 02:43
And that is what the trail magic is, folks! ; - )

06-18-2014, 23:26
So you met thru hikers and they talked about food?

hum... :P