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06-17-2014, 17:29
Would the front of the bubble be near Connecticut yet ?

When would the bubble be near Woodstock VT ? I want to set up some trail magic, cold drinks, fruit, cookies, that sort of thing.

06-17-2014, 17:57
There is really no such thing as a bubble that far north. Everyone is pretty much spread out. Those few who make it all the way to Vermont will be passing by from the middle of July and through August, with the stragglers in early September. If your lucky, you might get 4-5 actual AT thru hikers pass by in a day. You'd get more section and Long trail hikers in Vermont then AT thru hikers.

06-17-2014, 19:31
Yes there almost certainly are NOBO thru hikers in CT, I'd bet on it. Woodstock, VT would be only a little less likely. (I mean... one's a state and the other is a tiny town.) The bleeding front edge is already in Maine it appears.

06-18-2014, 06:35
I set up trail magic this past Friday at the nj/ pa border ( Delaware water gap). We had only 7 hikers come thru. They all said I was 2-3 weeks to early yet.

map man
06-18-2014, 12:29
The very heart of the NOBO pack would pass by Woodstock VT in the last few days of July. But as has been mentioned, the NOBOs get pretty spread out as they move north. If you define the "bubble" as the middle two-thirds of the NOBOs (excluding the very earliest and latest), they would pass by Woodstock from the last week of June through the last week of August. I get this data from table three in this WB article:


Rain Man
06-18-2014, 16:46
In NJ/NY last week, I saw about two dozen thru-hikers. A couple said they were ahead of the bubble. For what that's worth.

Rain Man


06-18-2014, 17:25
Last years bubble (middle of the pack) would have been near central PA right now. I suspect with the better weather the Class of 14 is a bit ahead of that