View Full Version : Juneau Alaska August 2006

Kevin A. Boyce
09-30-2005, 16:18
OK, close friend living in Juneau is getting married, so for his wedding gift, I'll be visiting.. kidding... But I am heading north to get a backpacking/climbing trip in. So, I am asking those of you who have been up in Juneau, or live there would be better, for some ideas on where to go, what to see, where to climb.

My ideas are for a week to ten days of back country hiking/camping. I would love to see some glaciers, tall peaks and abundant wildlife, and preferably, not with the cruise crowds gawking and clogging the trails working off their midnight buffets.

I do technical rock and ice climbing, so gear and the like would not be an issue, and in fact if possible, I would love to go in some where, set up a base camp, and spend the time either doing a loop trail and some technical climbing.

Any thoughts, suggestions and tips will be appreciated.