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01-14-2003, 14:20
Like many of you I don't want to carry any more weight than I need to, and even enjoy seeing how light I can go and still be comfortable.

On my thru-hike, I started out with the whole Trangia Westwind set, stove, cap, simmer ring, stand, pot, cover, gripper. I used an aluminum MSR windscreen.

Soon I fried the o-ring on the cover, so out the cover went. After that I'd put in just enough fuel to do the job and let it burn out.

Next I got rid of the simmer ring. Nice idea, but not needed.

Then I swapped out the pot gripper. I just didn't trust the design. Got another light one of more conventional design.

Next I tossed the dish/pot cover and used aluminum foil. Didn't like the foil, so got a very lightweight, thin aluminum cover.

Then I got this brainstorm to get rid of the stand. I took two of my aluminum tarp pegs, and poked them through my windscreen to make a stand. One of the stakes went through the overlap point so it held the windscreen together as well as providing half the stove support. I loved this modifiction, because it saved 100% of the weight of the stand with no sacrifice.

Next time I'll swap out the Trangia stove for a lighter model. Guess I'll have to research Sgt. Rock's site for that!

01-14-2003, 19:28
I also considered making double use of my tent stakes, but decided upon using a stand because I may need the shelter while I cook. Then I considered taking along a couple extra stakes, but thought about trail conditions, snow, cooking with it indoors (a no-no) etc.

I also find a simmer ring a requirement for my type of cooking. My stand is down to 1.25oz, and my JB-Welded Soda-Stove weighs half an ounce. Add another half ounce for a windscreen and simmer cap, and my whole stove setup is 2.25oz. Compare to a Trangia (which I still love and having a hard time abandoning) which weighs 4.1oz by itself with no stand.

SGT Rock
01-15-2003, 00:08
I've dumped the stand before and wasn't happy with it. Using my built in stand only adds about 0.2 ounces or so, so I figured the weight is worth it.

Isn't it funny how you think you need something until you use it (or not) a lot and figure out how really unnessissary something can be. Simmer, we don't need no stinking simmer:cool:

01-15-2003, 09:39
A lightweight simmer ring can be a doubled peice of aluminum foil with a slit cut across the middle of the burner. At least you can throw it away without guilt if you decide you don't need it. But if you have a cozy, you don't need to simmer.

SGT Rock
01-15-2003, 10:13
Another solution is to cut the bottom off a coke can and then cut it in half. Then you simply dial it from half closed to all the way closed. It works and only weighs about 0.2 ounces, pluss it is very durable and FREE.