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Gator 65
06-24-2014, 16:28
I did my thru hike in 2009 and early into the hike I had a precarious situation in some very bad weather. I believe I was in the Smokies in a sleet storm and was approaching the ridge line when I saw a sign that said " during inclement weather take Blue blaze trail and avoid the ridge line".
naturally I did not take the Blue blazed trail around the summit because I assumed that it was a short time on the ridge line. Well it took me quite awhile to get back down off the ridge because it was very rocky and tough walking. I never got to a shelter
that night because it got dark and I had to "Cowboy Camp" without a meal.
My question is .........Can anyone recall that particular location where they suggest taking the Blue
Blazed trail in poor weather? I cannot find the location in my notes or is it marked on my Appalachian Pages


Gator 65

The Cleaner
06-24-2014, 17:28
About 25 miles north of Hot Springs NC....27564

06-24-2014, 17:34
Man, the wealth of knowledge around here never ceases to amaze me. It's incredible how folks remember things like this. That is awesome!

The Cleaner
06-24-2014, 17:48
A different view, the area you may be thinking of is known as "The Big Firescald Relocation" finished about 2004?27565

06-24-2014, 18:50
Theirs quite a few places that has bad weather Blue Blaze trails around summits, but i think the Cleaner is right, i have consulted my thru-hike notes and i too think it is the Big Firescald area.

Gator 65
06-27-2014, 22:36
That's it! Thanks "Cleaner" for the info and the picture. I want to go back there soon and hike so much of that area on clear days when I can see what I missed. The weather was very poor when I did that portion of the trail. I imagine that is the norm for that part of the NC trail in the March/April time frame.

06-28-2014, 08:29
That's the first place I thought of when reading your post. We had great weather for that section, but it would have been a bear.