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06-28-2014, 01:21
Got an email earlier this month....

The first MST Trail Use kiosk was installed at Pinecliff on the Neusiok Trail Friday morning, June 6.

It is located at the Forest Service Neusiok Trail sign at the entrance of the trail.

Dave Whitlow agreed to collect the sign sheets on a two week schedule at Pinecliff.

Additional Trail Use kiosk are planned for the MST at Falls Lake, Elkin, and the BRP.


Terry Smith

Got a chance to stop by and check out the new MST Kiosk this AM. Smaller than I thought it would be but well built. Would be nice if it had some information on what the MST is about.

Just to the right of the trail as you head south on the Neusiok Trail from Pine Cliffs.

Some minor design flaws with the kiosk. Water is getting inside the kiosk and the sign in sheets are soaking. Also need to put some grid lines on the sign in sheets to make it easier to tell where people are writing.

Good news is that people are using it.