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06-29-2014, 12:23
Did a quick over nighter at the RMC "Perch". Thankfully, I got there early enough to score a tent platform, by 6 PM the place was full and people had to push on, although one couple with 2 dogs set up at tent directly behind the privy, over the composting bins - which thankfully have a strong plywood lid! I eventually had to share my platform with 2 guys who stumbled in about 10 PM.

Meanwhile, over at Trails Parking - the direct route up to Madison Hut, cars were spilled out of the parking lot (which can hold 50 cars) and lined up about 1/4 mile either side of the parking lot entrance.

Big race up Mt Washington today, so traffic is pretty heavy around here. I guess it's officially summer around here again.

Meanwhile, there are still a lot of wet sections of trail and slippery rocks. Black Flies are modest. Had a great sun set!


06-29-2014, 12:48
Sounds lovely. The sunset (? Sunrise ) is perfect.
Another reason why I prefer late August-early October. On the other hand, a weekend backpacking would beat the stuffings out of my 50-60 hour work weeks AND stuck on the Gulf Coast.
Thanks for sharing.

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06-29-2014, 13:20
Absurdly jealous. :)

06-29-2014, 14:48
Twas a nice day in the Whites for sure, Moosilauke summit had several dozen folks on it around noon. Trails didn't feel crowded at all. Beaver Brook Falls trail as awesome as ever, it was my first hike up in a long long time, almost forgot how cool it was.

06-29-2014, 14:55
Y'all are killing me.
The worst day ever in the mountains beats the best day at work. One of these days I will get even.


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06-30-2014, 07:29
Hard to beat this past weekend. I did the hike from Randolph to Crawford the week before and joined some friends for a hike up Washington, Monroe and Ike on Saturday. It was god the week before but just about perfect Saturday.

The bugs in the whites are a bit strange this year, I have been out most weekends and haven't put dug dope on yet but head about 10 miles north in the woods and they have been out thick.