View Full Version : Can you post pics of how you hang your poles externally?

06-29-2014, 14:45
I'm thinking of storing my poles outside my packs when I don't need them in my hands.

Can you people post pics of how your poles are hooked up to the outside of your packs?

I don't want to just attach a caribeaner to the strap and have it dangle from my pack. I was thinking of a way to use my sewing machine and maybe attach velcro or button-snaps?

06-29-2014, 14:52
I'd have to stuff the pack in order to take that picture. I just use the front compression straps -- works like a champ, except possibly when the pack's so empty that the straps are cinched in all the way already. Normally I carry the tent that way also. So all I have to do is loosen the straps, slide in the (folded) poles and re-tighten them.

06-29-2014, 14:53
Okay. I have a few compression straps on the outside of mine. Never had a problem with them falling out on the trail?

06-29-2014, 15:09
Okay. I have a few compression straps on the outside of mine. Never had a problem with them falling out on the trail?


Yesterday I used my Vapor Trail as a day pack and it was a bit dicey but still OK. (It was a case of the pack being too empty so that the compression straps weren't really working as such.) So I just tied some of the excess strap around the poles and that held fine. We were hiking up a really steep trail that requires 4-limbed climbing for a good 1500 feet or so. Once we got to the top of that I started using the poles again.

06-29-2014, 15:18
A loop of para cord through both wrist straps on the sticks and tied around the pack strap will keep them attached.
Where are good daisy chains when you need them? Daisy chains and real external pockets. RIP


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06-29-2014, 18:19
I'ld think that a mini carabiner through the hand loops , maybe even a little extra string would be good insurance of a pole not slipping out and away.

Damn Yankee
06-29-2014, 19:27
I put the tip of the pole in the ice axe loops and the handle in the compression strap on top of pack

Another Kevin
06-29-2014, 19:46
Pole tips in the ice axe loop. I've zip-tied mitten hooks just below the pole grips, and they clip onto a little ring threaded onto a compression strap.

06-30-2014, 00:42
Same as the last two posters.
note that I insert the tip into the ax loop then turn the pole 360 if using those smaller baskets.
This particular ULA pack has Velcro loops to secure the handles so they don't move (bounce) on my other packs I use compression straps however because I use my poles most of the time and store them inside the pack in transit I very seldom do this.

Northern Lights
06-30-2014, 01:23
I slide my tips into the side pockets and use the compression straps and Velcro straps to make them stay put

Damn Yankee
06-30-2014, 18:26
27619 Here is a picture of what I was talking about. Pretty much the same as the ULA pack above except having elastic loops on top instead of velcro. I too use my poles when hiking but, like to walk without them occasionally.