View Full Version : Nobo & sobo

06-29-2014, 19:16
So where and when and where do the NOBO folks and the SOBO folks tend to cross the the path.
and how long does it last.
and then there are the flip floppers.
just wondering.

06-29-2014, 20:03
They meet in New England, almost anywhere. I saw both nobos and sobos at the hostel in Glencliff, NH this weekend. These would probably be the "leading edge" of their respective waves. (Saw a lot of section hikers as well.)

06-29-2014, 20:11
in my hikes the fast Nobos hit VT about the same time fast Sobos hit VT in mid-late June but can happen in the Whites too.

In 2006 the last thru nobo I met was Aug 11th in Duncannon, PA met a few after that but they knew a flip flop was needed.