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Serial 07
07-02-2014, 16:38
I've recently bought a sweet new GPS unit...what i'm having the most issue with is finding map software that i can install on my Mac and upload my new tracks/waypoints onto...all i really want is to keep a "record" of my hikes on it and what ever info i've gathered (marks/waypoints)...it's been extremely difficult to find...the Delorme maps are not compatible with Mac and National Geographic stopped making their map software...i'm considering joining Alltrails.com to have access to the Nat Geo maps, but i'm not sure if i can upload tracks to that...i've been playing with Caltopo and Hillmap, but don't see those as long term solutions...is it so hard to have a base map on my computer that i can reference and add my hikes onto to create MY ultimate map?

Thanks! Serial

07-02-2014, 16:46
you can upload gpx files to alltrails. i track all mine there and love it. though i do it on my alltrails app on my iphone which saves them there directly. but you can do it with your gpx files.

07-02-2014, 16:48
I have no experience with this software, nor do I have a Mac but a buddy of mine uses this program on his Mac with a Garmin. Might be worth checking out.


edit: Nevermind, if you have a Delorme, it is not on the list of supported receivers.

Serial 07
07-02-2014, 18:20
i have a garmin 64s...

07-02-2014, 18:46
I've used nothing but macs since 2006. but I never actually used any programs etc for macs. Usually online stuff such as google maps.

what mac-usable apps does everyone here, in regards to maps, trails, etc?

Im kinda interested to start doing hiking things with my mac