View Full Version : Ohio Class of 2015 NOBO

07-15-2014, 21:08
Are there any Ohioans who plan on an early March departure on the approach trail from Amicalola Falls Lodge for their AT thru-hike?

My wife is planning on driving me down...bless her little ticker. We could give someone else a ride. Or someone could give me a ride and save her the trouble.

How about that! Trail Magic up front! :D

07-15-2014, 21:25
I know you are already on it, but don't forget about the map.


It'll help you find out who is located where, along the drive down here.

(Also, I think In early 2015 I will create a "2015 thru-hiker locater map" that basically serves the same purpose as the one we already have, but will list ONLY those planning to thru-hike so they can see who lives along their drive and can plan car-pools)

then that way is you see a few people who live on the way down here, you can plan to car-pool. but its probably too far off now

07-16-2014, 06:53
You are on it, Ricky! Thanks. I'll look for it next year.

Like Tom says, "The waiting is the hardest part."