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10-04-2005, 18:06
Two sets of Colorado photos...with some traveiling in Italy in between. :)

Some on WB expressed interest in my recent sojurn to Italy. For those who are interested, here is a brief report.

For those who don't know, much of my athletic gear was lost in customs. :O. So did not do a bike tour. It worked out well though - was able to spend much time getting to know my cousins in Italy. Had dinner with them, went to a birthday party, saw the village where our family came from and spent my last night in Rome having pizza with them. It was very much a cultural experiene. Was able to see how Italians really live. Was amazed at how much of the food was served by the Magnanti in Rome was similar to the humble (but delicious!) food *my* Grandma Magnanti cooked. More than the food - the feeling was the same at dinner. Long leisurely dinner with much conversation, good food and a feeling of warmth. I just met these people, yet they treated me like family. I was a Magnanti after all!

Did the tourist thing in Rome a little bit. My favorite part, though was getting lost and just exploring the city. Only pulled out the map when I needed to get somewhere. Was able to improve my (bad) Italian. My rule of thumb is that I would only go to places with a menu with *NO* English. In Italy, the food is a point of pride. Be it a family trattoria, a simple panino place or the kitchen of Bianca Magnanti - all the food is delicious and prepared fresh.

An emotional day for me was when I went to Anzio beach head. One of the largest debacles of WW2 for the Allies. I won't go into the whole history of this battle, but sufficient to say it was a bloodbath for the allies. My grandfather fought there for the American army. Was very overwhelmed with emotion when I went to the American cemetery in nearby Netunno. Like many men of his generation, my Grandfather was proud of his service for his country in WW2. Also like many men of his generation, he was hesitant to talk of his experiences. Going to the American Cemetery was a small way of honoring the memory of my late grandfather.

A very large highlight was going to Guarcino...where the Magnanti come from. This region reminded me of Vermont. Rolling green mountains, beautiful views. This village (1000 or so people!) goes back to 800 BC. The old quarter has buildings in use from the 1500s. Was able to pose in front of the house where my great-grandfather was born.

All in all, was not quite the trip I planned. But it was a wonderful, memorable and emotionally resonant trip for me.

Still in the process of typing up my journal, but the pics can be found at:

For those who want to see what I have been up to in Colorado this fall (big hikes off trail, leisurely hikes to a lake):

Alas, I will not be at the Gathering this year due to a few bumps in my Italy trip (the losing of my clothing!). Trying to save money for the CDT..but I will be there in spirit.