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07-20-2014, 05:44
if there are more campsites between Grayson Highland and Damascus than than what is on the map? If so could you share proximity.

Old Hiker
07-20-2014, 08:55
Not sure what "map" you are using, but I saw a TON of good places from Thomas Knob shelter down to the uphill from the Creeper Trail just out of town.

07-20-2014, 08:59
I believe there are 2 shelters between ghl and Damascus..I did the 40 miles sobo from 603....great section..can't remember names but the last shelter is 8 miles out of town headin south. I tent camp...no prob finding good spots ...

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07-20-2014, 09:17
I remeber from this section of the trail that there were a number of potential camp sites along the way. There of course is Thomas Knob, Lost Mt and Saunders shelters and the camp sites near them. Between Elk Garden and Buzzard Rock up on Whitetop there are about two or three camp sites, including a wooded camp site just below the top of Whitetop and one near the pipped spring.

After leaving Lost Mt Shelter, where the trail links up with the Creeper Trail for the first time there are a couple camp sites along Whitetop Laurel Creek. And then there are about 5 potential camp sites along Whitetop Laurel Creek after Saunders shelter between Taylors Valley and Rt 58.

Old Hiker
07-20-2014, 10:16
Whitetop was really nice - lots of flat places. The intense t-storm that night was just icing on the cake. The water sources at that time were strong. Started thinking about those 2 days:

Camped 1/2 way up the climb out of Damascus after hiking along the Creeper. It was just a smallish jutting out to the left of the Trail. I started about 1400 or so after taking 3 weeks off for foot probs, so I didn't want to go too far. Hiking up to Whitetop, lots of poplar groves with open spaces.

JumpMaster Blaster
07-20-2014, 11:05
I was just out that way and there are a lot of good (established) campsites (and some not-so-good). Guthook's Guide has them pretty much covered, and I added a few as waypoints on my Backcountry Nav. In case you don't have the app (heading SOBO):

-There are several great sites just outside of the park right past the Pine Mtn Trail intersection before you get to Thomas Knob shelter. Some are tucked away in the trees and some are out in the open. They are about a mile (trail north) of the shelter.

- I saw one little site across from Thomas Knob, but didn't see much else unless you're right up under it.

- A couple sites are near the parking area on Whitetop Road (mile 488.9)

- there's one south of Buzzard Rock (mile 485.7)

- there's a pretty big one at mile 484.5 with a stream near it just before you get to US 58 (but too close to the road for my likes)

- a TON of space at Lost Mountain and Saunders shelters

- there's a tiny one at mile 482.1 just before VA 859 (Grassy Ridge Rd). I think I may have missed this one, but the guide says water sources are on either side (you'll be following a stream)

- once you get to the Creeper Trail, there are sites all up & down the trail. As in you won't walk for more than 30 minutes without seeing one. Look under the trestles, too. Some sites are tucked up underneath.

- one at mile 479.5

- there's a couple around mile 479.3 before you get th the Beartree Gap trail intersection, but they are right next to a nasty, stagnant pond. I was surprised that anyone would camp there since it seemed to be a perfect breeding ground for mosquitos and snakes.

- just before you get to Saunders shelter the trail crosses over an old grassy road bed that could possibly be used (mile 477.1)

- theres another big one at mile 473.1. Hanging food is suggested, etc since there was a bear sighted there back in late June

- at the Beech Grove trail intersection at mile 472.6

- past the Iron Mtn trail intersection at mile 470.8

- mile 469

Hope this helps!

07-22-2014, 17:29
Thanks everyone. This helps a lot.