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JumpMaster Blaster
07-20-2014, 12:40
Ok- looks like I might be buying a replacement for my 5 pound REI Half Dome 2. It'll be primarily a one person shelter, but since I already have a "portable coffin", anything at least 45" wide will suffice. Something where I can bring the dog in (65 pounder) and my pack if need be.

After browsing a couple of brands, I'm looking at the TT Double Rainbow- I like the weight savings, doesn't seem like I need to break the bank for one, and I can use trekking poles IF I want, but I don't HAVE to. I'm kinda skeptical about buying a tent that requires being rigged for a certain brand of poles. The shape of the TT DR (no sagging in the middle like the StratoSpire) and the side entry is a plus. Also, I may look into getting the clip-in liner as well. It can be rigged freestanding ( a huge plus) with trekking poles.

The only downside I'm seeing is how long it is packed up (18"x4") but that's not much of a deal breaker.

07-20-2014, 12:46
Be that as it may, the StratoSpire 1 or 2 checks all of my boxes as a solo/very occasional double shelter. As I recall, any adjustable pole works. Did read something different?


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JumpMaster Blaster
07-20-2014, 13:14
I was referencing the LightHeart Gear tents...glad that SS sounds good to ya. Maybe you should get one.


Rocket Jones
07-20-2014, 13:49
I have the DR and love it. No need to stuff it into the sausage sack it came in. I made a stuff sack for mine that measures out to about 12"x12"x4". Kind of a loose flat pack. I keep the poles and stakes separate.

07-20-2014, 17:21
I was referencing the LightHeart Gear tents...glad that SS sounds good to ya. Maybe you should get one.


So is it Tarptent or lightheart gear your looking at? I'm leaning to the solong 6 or new duo by lhg... I'm also mainly solo w dog.

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JumpMaster Blaster
07-20-2014, 18:34
Well I was looking at TarpTent, LightHeart Gear, and Six Moon Designs as the big 3 cottage manufacturers (ZPacks and HMG is wayy to expensive). For the record, I'm also looking into a North Face Mica, but would rather throw the little guys some business with the next purchase.

07-20-2014, 19:29
I have both a Double Rainbow and a LHG Solo Wedge. My LHG is about 10 oz lighter than the DR. it is also a rather odd shape.
I almost always use the DR with both vestibules (awnings) tied up and open, this way I can sit under the 'awning' protected from rain and fix a meal an eat while dry. Unfortunately sometimes the rain does leak thru the 'awning' since the two sides are just held together with 2 'velcro' like strips.
The LHG Wedge 'awning' is zipped together so no rain drips thru but it is too low to sit under.

07-21-2014, 11:22
carried the TT DR on my thruhike. I like the extra room it affords. My wife and I use it on our hikes and it will sleep two comfortably plus keep the packs dry under the awnings. And has doors on both sides which we enjoy. ALL in all, a great tent...nothing negative to say. It did have a few very minor drips until I seamsealed it along the way.

07-21-2014, 13:54
The folks at Outdoor Gear Lab liked the Double Rainbow. Unfortunately, they did not compare it to other TarpTent models.


So many tents. So little time.


07-21-2014, 13:57
If your down-side is the dimensions of the bag they sell it in, put it in a different bag--you don't have to use the bag they send you. I don't like the long, skinny bags. I use a short, fat bag for my BA Fly Creek 2. It isn't the bag it came with. The poles just go against my back in my backpack.

My next tent, when my BA needs replaced, will probably be a Zpacks or TT.

07-21-2014, 14:07
I recently got a used TT DR. Extremely pleased with it. Very spacious, packs well, and is obviously very lightweight (almost 3 lbs lighter than my previous tent!).
Just did an overnight in Monongahela by a river and had no condensation problems.

Not Sunshine
07-21-2014, 15:09
I have the TT Notch (single person) tent and I do love it! It's super light and incredibly well made.

But I found myself backpacking in the west one day during a thunderstorm and I wondered to myself: just how intelligent am I to be laying in between 2 vertical metal trekking poles???? Carbide tips directly upward towards the sky.

I have an old 2 person Kelty that I will continue to use for the time being - but when I get around to needing a replacement, I'll be looking for that double rainbow. That arch dome - whether it would make a difference in a lightning storm or not - would offer me some additional peace of mind.

TT rocks.

07-21-2014, 17:08
We've used the DR for about 5 years. It's nice for two because you each have your own entrance.
For super stormy weather I might like something else with a dedicated fly, but for normal weather this tent is fine, and very light.

JumpMaster Blaster
07-21-2014, 18:22
The 2 vertical trekking poles was the thing that turned me off slightly to the other models. The TT DR seems like it has less severe angles and convex surfaces that would be problematic during rain/wind. Is the long packed dimensions due to the horizontal strut? It's removeable, so depending on my pack it may or may not be an issue.

I have a BA Copper Spur UL1, but I don't like having only one door. Weight reduction aside, it's a P.I.T.A when your SB opens to the right and your tent door is on the left. Single door may reduce weight, but also reduces the choices when selecting a site.

07-21-2014, 21:29
I have the TT Double Rainbow, TT Notch, and several tradition tents, the Notch is far and away my favorite, it's similar to the Stratospire.
Rainbow cons: condensation, low door entry, angled sides let rain in when you enter or exit, packs long, loss of head room with angled sides, set up isn't bad compared to most tents but takes much longer to set up than the Notch, does not use hiking poles for set up so I have no place to hang my pack.
Pros: light weight, roomy, durable, porch awning is nice for views, you can set it up free standing but to me that's a totally useless feature.

07-24-2014, 00:25
I love my DR takes about 3 minutes to setup and condensation is a small issue but very roomy and light. Mine has held up well in wind and rain but have no experience with the other tents mentioned.

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07-25-2014, 23:16
Your REI Halfdome is a great tent for horrific weather. It is HEAVY. I have Rainbow and DR. When I got in the Rainbow after using a camping casket style tent, I felt like I could play basketball! The things I like are Light Weight! Side entry is easier and keeps the interior dry in downpours. I added extra line with reflective properties to all 4 Vestabule flaps. By supporting the flaps with my trekking poles I get EXCELENT ventilation and visibility. I only need to close it up in extreme weather. Close up any tent tight and condensation becomes an issue. The screens lift/zip up when you enter or exit. Screens that zip down and lay on the ground tend to get damaged. Exiting from the sides also tends to be easier for us older fluffy hikers. Use the seam sealing and floor treatment recommended by TT.
Happy Trails, Joe