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07-30-2014, 16:52
Ok, so I have 2 weeks off in October and I'm looking to do a 5 or 6 day kayaking trip. I thought about just doing the Shenandoah River section that AT hikers sometimes aqua blaze, but I think it may be relatively short. It seems as though there's quite a few rental/shuttle services in the area, and I googled them up a bit. Most companies post the normal aqua blaze is roughly 50 miles. Ten miles a day for 5 days seems kind of short. I haven't done multi-day aqua trips, so I don't know...is this considered low, easy, or just reasonable miles? I thru-hiked in 2012, but I was SOBO, so I wasn't really interested in the logistics at the time. I did, however, love being in Northern Virginia and the SNP. Also, Front Royal was a hopping little town...or at least I thought so at the time. It was, however, extremely crowded with the leaf peepers. So, anyways, here's the deal. I'm currently living in central PA, literally dead center. If you've hiked PA, I'm about 45 minutes from Duncannon. So, my heart isn't necessarily set on VA, if something is closer or more beautiful, I'd rather do that. I have a fair amount of experience canoeing, but none kayaking. I will be purchasing a kayak when it cools off a little bit (I hate summer, lol). So, I don't really want/need crazy rapids. I'm essentially looking for 5 or 6 days on the water with non-commercialized campsites available, minimal portering (and this huge! I don't wanna lug a kayak and a pack full of food), and something as close or closer then SNP. I'm still undecided if I'll be taking my own kayak, or renting. I have a sports car, so I may not want to drive too far with a kayak on it. And, I think that's it. I'll have all of my own camping gear, and can supply up on food before I go, so resupply isn't really an issue. Thanks for any info/advice, and sorry if this is in the wrong section! I wasn't sure where to put it...

07-30-2014, 17:04
it's more of a drive, but have you thought about fontana lake (borders the southern side of great smoky mountains national park)?

ive paddled it a few times...........flat water.........low power boat traffic.............clean clear water---can see about 4 or 5 feet down.........

one can camp on the park side in established campsites (reservations) or on the national forest side in places that you dont need reservations...

there's also places to go and see----such as hazel creek in the park........a few cemeteries............an old copper mine.......

oh, and you'll be on a lake surrounded by mountains....

and you can get a shuttle pretty easily from either the marina or the hike inn.........and theres a few launch sites.......

or----if im around and can squeeze it into my schedule----i may be able to shuttle you.......i could do a paddle on the lake and then give ya a ride......

just a thought---i realize its more of a drive that the VA area...........but its beautiful on lake fontana...........

Damn Yankee
07-30-2014, 17:18
The Shenandoah River or the James River are great to kayak although the James is a little low right now. I did a 20 mile trip on the Shenandoah River and found some nice caves along the stretch I did. I have been wanting to get out and do the Okeefenokee Swamp in Georgia which has platforms to camp on.

07-30-2014, 17:27
I'll check it out. Fontana sounds familiar, but I may be thinking of the Fontana Dam area? My mind gets fuzzy with all the different places on the trail. I kind of do want a river trek though. There's something about moving from point A to point B...new places to see and all that, I guess. I'm one those guys that can't hike out and back, it has to be a loop, lol. I'll do some googling. My only other concern with that is the Smokies seemed to have a lot of rules! And some rangers that were a little over-zealous with their position. I know they're just doing their jobs, but damn. I mean, I hitched a ride from a ranger, and while I was absolutely thankful for the ride, he flipped out when I said I hung my hammock in the shelter...first it was, "you can't hang on those trees! You'll kill the lichens!" Then it was, "you have to camp in the shelters!" Then it was, "you shouldn't be putting up a hammock in the shelter!" He finally calmed down a bit...but man, I told him I only slept in the shelters, that I didn't have a sleeping pad, and that I was the ONLY one in the shelter! Like, I explained all of that before he started ranting about the lichens and shelter requirements and all of that. It was overboard. I'd like to find something I don't have to worry about permits and rules, if possible. I mean, I understand they're just trying to protect the area, and there's obviously a LOT of traffic in that park, and seeing the condition of the shelters (in regards to trash, food, and mice activity), I can totally see that LNT has no meaning to a lot of the campers...but, I'd like to avoid a lecture while I'm on vaca. ;)

07-30-2014, 17:31
but I may be thinking of the Fontana Dam area?

yes.....the dam sits at one end of the lake....

basically you could put in on one end of lake and paddle down to the other end of lake (which could be dam depending upon direction)....

also, you can stay on the national park side without the rules of the national park......

07-30-2014, 18:22
Does anyone know how far of a paddle it is from Devils boat ramp to Laurel Valley on Jocassee? Sorry to ask on your thread Kidchill.

kayak karl
07-30-2014, 18:29
the Susquehanna is 444 miles NY-PA-Del

07-30-2014, 19:08
Realize prob to far away but....Check our wilderness waterway through the glades...100 miles pure wilderness from flamingo to Everglades city..,I plan to do it this winter on my sup...

07-30-2014, 19:15
Lol, no prob dmax...I don't mind a hijack! Ummm...yah, I moved to PA from FL to have seasons! No way am I gonna go kayak in the glades for fall foliage! I was doing some googling and I guess I like the SNP trip. But, the Susquehanna is much closer, so if I can find a decent area and shuttle, I may do that. I was also looking at some stuff in the Adirondaks, but it was mostly guided day trips. I'm pretty sure I could find something there though. So, just gonna keep the feelers out there and do some more research.

07-30-2014, 19:24

Take your pick!

I'd say, like Karl, you have the Susquehanna River close to where you live. That's a great river to kayak/canoe if the water levels are decent to do an extended trip. That's where I'd start searching. The Delaware River isn't bad from around Pt Jervis south either. You'll have to prolly do some portaging though. I'm sure on either river you can arrange a shuttle with the outfitters.

Fortunate you. You have a car and kayak. I often arrange kayak, canoe trips without either when I'm visiting the tri state area.

07-30-2014, 20:27
One word. Adirondacks! Or, if you prefer more options http://www.northernforestcanoetrail.org . It may be a bit far from Central PA (so, yeah, maybe do the NFCT after the Susquehanna), but the "trail" is amazing. I just got back from a 5-day trek (BSA). I noticed on the way to the put-in that almost every car in the area was carrying a canoe, kayak, or mountain bike. What a great place!

07-30-2014, 23:29
Bobp, what section of the NFCT did you paddle in the Daks sect 1,2,or 3? How were the water levels?

07-31-2014, 07:00
Have you considered Maine?
I've done canoe/camping trips on the Machias, East Penobscot and the famous one: Allagash in the past.
Doesn't get any better than that in the east. IMO