View Full Version : Easiest Way to get from Harrisburg, PA to Delaware Water Gap

08-02-2014, 20:03
Trying to plan a fall AT hike to do another section. I can get Amtrak from Florida to Harrisburg, Pa but I need to get to Delaware Water Gap where I want to start & head south. Looks to be about 125 miles anyone know of an inexpensive to get to the start.

Thanks Mike (Mr.Mean)

Teacher & Snacktime
08-02-2014, 20:36
For when are you planning this?

08-02-2014, 21:28
There are buses to the Delaware Water Gap. I don't know if they go to Harrisburg. Maybe you should work backwards and take Amtrak to somewhere that connects to the bus routes. Here's the NPS Delaware Water Gap bus site


08-02-2014, 21:49
Maybe save a few bucks and fly into Philly, then Greyhound or a private car service to the Gap

08-02-2014, 22:32
May I offer advice, having taken mass transit to both of your termini?

1) Get to Philadelphia. Have a REAL cheese steak while you're here.
2) Take Greyhound Bus to Delaware Water Gap.
Greyhound has buses leaving Philly at 7am and at 4pm, both take about three hours to get to DWG.
3) Hike south to Harrisburg area (I'm guessing Carlisle).
Good luck -- many people consider this the rockiest part of The Trail.
4) Take train from Harrisburg back to Philly.

> I can get Amtrak from Florida to Harrisburg, Pa
You'll be changing trains in Philly, so you may as well stop there and take the bus to DWG.

08-03-2014, 07:16
For when are you planning this?

Thur or Friday after Labor Day 9/4or 5