View Full Version : Help with Columbia Long Sleeve Shirt Information

08-02-2014, 23:12
I went to a Columbia Outlet Store and just couldn't help search a clearance rack. Wouldn't you know it, I came across a 100% polyester Omni-Wick Long Sleeve Shirt for under $15 that I just had to buy. Super light weight and the Color is an unusual Green but also saw their pale Blue and Black options as well. The problem is the tag list this as a Grand Oak Long Sleeve Shirt and I cannot get any details from their website. So I am wondering if anyone has experience with this shirt? If not, do I just use it like a Long Sleeve Patagonia Silk Shirt? They are about the same feel/weight, although my Silk patagonia seems a little thicker. I also have another 100% polyester shirt, yet the weight is much greater and material much thicker; thus, will that shirt provide more warmth than this 100% polyester or does that not matter because of the Omni-Wick technology. Thanks for any help for me to get my full monetary value out of this expensive purchase...lol. :D