View Full Version : Sleeping Bag for fall AZT thru

08-08-2014, 20:21
I'll be starting a fall Sobo AZT THRU hike on Sep 6 planned to end on Oct 20. Will I be OK with my Western Mountaineering Summerlite rated at 32 degrees or should I carry my 15 degree rated Ultralite? I'll have a silk liner and a down puffy for unusually cold nights if needed.

08-08-2014, 21:34
I see your retirement plan is in full swing. Maybe, we'll happily cross paths since I'll be in New Mexico/AZ hiking the rest of The Grand Enchantment Trail(GET) westbound starting in mid Sept. If I wasn't on the GET I'd be doing a complete true AZT SoBO thru this fall also. All My Best. Happy Trails. If you get a chance summit Mt Humphreys. Bring H2O! I doubt you'd want to spend the night up there in a 32* bag though in late Sept through Oct but the nighttime view is shweet. :)

08-08-2014, 22:54
I would think it would be fine. Pm me if you have other questions/needs.