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Rebel, with a Cause!
01-15-2003, 17:02
Hello to all. I just found out about this site after being away from the thru hiker scene for too long. Once again the trail is calling me back with subtle reminders of 2002. To those that know me from 2002, Hello and to the others, I wish the same.

I notice many of the old Trail Journals crowd and this site looks like it is doing the job nicely.

To all of those getting ready for 2003, I wish you the best of luck, God Speed and please dont cuss the Georgia Mountains on Day 2 :) The Mountains will simply smile and still be there Millions of hikers later.
To all of the new Hikers in 2003, please feel free to read my Journal on TrailJournals.com, to get a feel of the early part of the hike. The pace I hiked should be obtainable by most everyone and will give you a good idea of daily distances. Once again, I wish each and every 2003 Hike to be as successful and awarding as possible.

Ok Gang, keep up the good work !!

My Hike (http://www.trailjournals.com/jimdeane)

01-15-2003, 22:45
Hi Rebel, I met you on a hitch, you were on a sales mission for Hennesy Hammocks, I bought one in Damascus and haven't used a tent since!

Trail Yeti
01-16-2003, 00:03
Hey Reb,
I am in Boone NC now going to ASU.
Just to let you know I too switched to a hammock....
Tree dwellers RULE!

Hammock Hanger
01-16-2003, 01:19
I know you will be back out on the trail... You've been bitten!!:)

Take care. Will I see you at Trail Days?? Hammock Hanger