View Full Version : 2 liter evernew water bag availability and use with sawyer mini

08-13-2014, 14:19
Last year I wanted to get a 2 liter evernew water carry bag to use with my sawyer squeeze but none were available. I might have been the last to know, but they are now available again ($16.99 on amazon and free shipping if you have prime). I use the newer sawyer bags for 1700 miles (for water for two people) and they did ok, but started to delaminate. The evernew I have heard are much stronger and to my surprise when i put the bag on my scale it weight 1.4 oz and the 2 liter sawyer bag weight 2 oz. You can get two 64 oz sawyer bags for around $9 but i think in the long run the evernew bags are a better deal. when I looked on amazon today it looks like they have only 12 of the sawyer bags left. I am looking forward to using the evernew bag with my new sawyer mini. FYI i can confirm that the evernew threads match the sawyer mini perfectly.

Odd Man Out
08-13-2014, 14:39
I've also used the Evernew bags with my Sawyer with good success. I picked up two of the 0.9 L bags last year when they became available (yes the can be hard to come by). I am using two bags so I have have a backup in case one leaks. I got mine at Great Outdoor Depot. Trail Designs also seem to have them in stock. Depending on the size you want and shipping options, one of these other retailers might give you a better deal.



08-13-2014, 15:12
We took two of the Sawyer 2-liter bags plus an old 2 liter Platypus on our hike this summer. Probably didn't need the third bag, even for two people, but it was nice to be able to go down to the water source once and fill all three, then filter from each bag.

Quickly noticed a pinhole leak in the old Platy, so we couldn't use it with the filter. After about three weeks one of the Sawyer bags developed a leak around the top. So we were down to one usable filtering bag. Not a big deal, since the others could still be used to go get water, but if that last one started to leak we'd have to find another backup. (A soda bottle would work.)

08-13-2014, 16:08
Months ago, I had to do a lot of online searching for several weeks before I came across a U.S. based retailer that had 2L Evernew bags in stock. I seem to recall paying a premium for them (like somewhere around $25-$30).

So now my watering system is the 2L Evernew for the dirty water bag, and 2L Platty Hoser for a clean water bag. I simply removed the bit-valve from the hoser, slide the hose over the nipple of the mini, and use the system in a gravity-fee mode. I can get 2L in about 4 minutes while I'm busy doing other things.

I to like making a trip to the water source with just my dirty water bag and returning to camp to do my filtering. The one set of bags has been plenty for three of us (me and my two sons).

08-14-2014, 12:02
Surprisingly enough,

My Sawyer 2L bags Have held up to repeated use over the last 2 years, and I use them a lot. Both of them have the plastic delaminating so I'm going to need a replacement. The blue Sawyer bags are supposed to be tougher than the original black bags that they came out with.