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Just Bill
08-13-2014, 21:15
Patagonia 50% off sale is live now.
Nothing crazy- but plenty of great core pieces of clothing on sale.

Just Bill
08-13-2014, 21:32
Duh- http://www.patagonia.com/us/shop/web-specials?k=ga

08-13-2014, 22:08
When does the sale end?

Just Bill
08-13-2014, 22:24
Sunday if I recollect correctly. The sale doesn't "start" until tomorrow, but it usually goes live the evening before.

More accurately though- for gentleman of average size- the sale will be over tomorrow on 90% of the gear a backpacker might want. Good stuff doesn't last long, many sizes are already out of stock.
Women generally have better luck with regards to sell outs.

Typically after this sale, whatever is left goes to Dick's Sporting Goods or other dump off retailers. They don't have an "outlet"

08-13-2014, 23:37
JustBill: your Patagonia clothing favorites?

Just Bill
08-14-2014, 00:10
Not that there are many left but-
A Cap 2 zipneck top is something I would consider core gear. Excellent base layer when cooler, or even insulation layer during warm times.

I think their Merino 1 is the best around, but Icebreaker is a good comparison. Merino 1 is the closest thing to a 4 season shirt.

You could make an easy argument for any merino or capilene piece. After the next to skin layer, I don't think Merino is worth the $$$
The Cap4 is typically my insulation layer of choice though-

There are lighter, perhaps better- but on sale- the Nano-puff is a very durable light puffy that I have worn even at work with no issues-

I don't use a wpb jacket any longer, but if you were in the market- this is one of the best-

You can score this for as low as $50- but the Houdini is one of the best windshells around- period.

A merino 1 or Cap 2 and the Houdini go on virtually every trip I take. I think they are three pieces worth owning. If I had to pick one top to wear forever- a cap 2 would be my choice. Cap 1 shirts are also great everyday wear or summer hiking shirts if you don't want to pay the merino premium.

They make lots of good stuff, 100% guarantee(even on sale items), and are as close to a warm and fuzzy company as you can get (environmentally and otherwise).
It is expensive, but they have 3-4 sales a year.

08-14-2014, 00:39
Thanks for the heads up JB. Just scored a back mesh vented, short sleeve, fishing pole holder flap on the breast, velcro pockets, Columbia look alike, type shirt for $12 bones from Marshalls while pullin' a honey do with me wife...Shwing! I'm still smartin' from the beatin' I took last year on some smart wool uppers, lowers, hat and light gloves. Set me back a couple bigins' it did...love that merino, it were worth it all the way.

08-14-2014, 09:04
Thanks JB,
Bought my wife something last night....shipping is high but still a good deal.

08-14-2014, 17:01
Thanks for the heads up! Just got a Merino 1 crew for $42.