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08-14-2014, 15:53
I'm wondering about a SOBO vs NOBO me as a newbie. Why do you NOBO vs SOBO ? I might get a free ride to Maine from St. Louis.
Thinking less of a crowd SOBO. Thinking SOBO with the 100 mile wilderness right up front might kick my butt.
Starting NOBO and then deciding to flip flop would be a possibility.
But the the romanticism of starting at one end and finishing at the other end. Just walking from one place to another.
Your opinion , experience please !!

08-14-2014, 16:54
Time of year is the major determining factor. It's all about the weather.

If you want to leave in the spring (March/April/May) you have to go NOBO. If you can wait until at least June (but preferably even later) then you want to go SOBO.

There are trade offs going in either direction, but going NOBO is preferred for many reasons.

Lone Wolf
08-14-2014, 16:56
i've done both. SOBO is a much better walk

08-14-2014, 17:31
i've done both. SOBO is a much better walk

To me a sobo sounds more appealing also......solitude is the main reason I go to the woods for a walk but that being said I've never been on trail more than a week at a time....nobo with groups of people doesn't interest me ....I'm a loner...just me and the dog...I guess it depends on your personality type......

lemon b
08-16-2014, 21:41
Southbound is better. However, that is really more of a reality if one starts with trail legs already in place.

08-16-2014, 22:13
Starting in Maine is definitely doing the really hard part first, right out of the gate. Be in great shape. Climb a lot of stairs before you go. Stadiums are good for stair climbing.