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08-14-2014, 19:13
I am a section hiker & in the past have not had a need for a mail drop but this year I need one. How do I send my drop to a local PO. Address to myself care of general delivery with an approximate pick up date on the outsde. Or is there another way?

Thanks Mike (Mr. Mean)

08-14-2014, 22:47

An example of a properly-formatted General Delivery address looks like this:
ANYTOWN, NY 12345-9999
You can also obtain the proper General Delivery address information at any Post Office, or by selecting the “Look Up a ZIP Code” button on the www.usps.com (http://www.usps.com/) home page. Using the ZIP Code lookup tool, type “General Delivery” in the address line, followed by the City and State, and click “Find.” The General Delivery location’s ZIP Code will be provided.

You can also check the guidebooks, some businesses will hold packages for hikers, hostels often do for instance. Just call the business ahead of time to be sure that they are accepting packages. You can use UPS or fedex if you want to if you send it to a business. This allows you to pick up packages outside of Post Office hours, which can be problematic depending on your schedule.

I try to find a post office that will be reachable by no later than about 2:00, with mornings being far superior. This way I don't get stuck waiting for the package until the next day. And always check the post office hours, is best to call the office and talk to a human, they may be out during lunch or keep half-days or had their schedule changed recently..

Jack Tarlin
08-15-2014, 07:58
Mike: Alligator's post pretty much covered it; I'd add the following: You should absolutely put "Hold for A.T. Hiker" with your estimated date of arrival underneath the address information on the parcel. Many places keep hiker mail in a separate place; this makes it easier and quicker for employees to find your box; it ensures that your box will be placed with other hiker mail, and less likely that it will get lost or mis-placed. And if you're going to use Post Offices, it's probably a good idea to spend the extra money and use Special Delivery. Your mail will arrive much faster, and also, if un-opened, these parcels can, if necessary, be forwarded elsewhere.

Just Bill
08-15-2014, 13:33
Worth adding-
You can ship solid fuels if you are interested. Esbit or canisters qualify. Liquids like White Gas or Alchy do not.
If doing so- the parcel must ship ground and be labeled "Consumer Commodity ORM-D"
If you plan to do this, please do your research. Many non trail P.O.'s are not familiar with these rules and will attempt to dis-allow your shipment incorrectly or just to be safe.

By default- ORM-D packages must travel via ground. Keep this in mind when timing your shipment.

08-15-2014, 14:31
Consider using Priority Flat Rate Boxes that have a set price regardless of wt(there is a wt limit but unless you're shipping lead I doubt you'd be over the wt limit) if you can fit your stuff into one of their FREE boxes you can pick up at the Post Office. This level of mailing prompts extra and speedier handling, allows you to mail further ahead(bounce) should you not pick up/open the box at the original PO it was delivered to, tracking is included, and includes $50 loss/damage insurance. https://www.usps.com/ship/priority-mail-flat.htm

Those last 4 digits that proceed the first 5 main zip code digits can be helpful to include. Write them on your box IF they are available.
ANYTOWN, NY 12345-9999

Jack Tarlin
08-17-2014, 04:38
In my post above, I said to use "Special Delivery." I obviously meant to say "Priority Mail".