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08-15-2014, 13:54
We have completed up to and including the Bigeloes and will be heading up in a couple of weeks. We would like to stealth camp along the trail and have a question for anyone who remembers the trailside vegetation along the trail between the Bigeloes and Monso. The southern part of Main was quite dense along the trail, making it almost essential to either camp at a shelter or use a hammock.

How hard is it to find camping areas along the trail in the Beelow to Monson area?



08-15-2014, 14:04
THe easiest way to figure it out is look at the elevation. Much of the area west of Bigelow was ridgeline hiking. From Long Falls Dam road to Caratunk the trail is down low jumping from pond to pond so there are more stands of open hardwoods and softwoods. East of Caratunk there is some elevation around Moxie but then you drop down and go pond to pond to a stretch of river so you odds are far better to find some camping spots

08-15-2014, 17:31
I stealth camped most of the time. Only stretch I had any real problem was through the Whites.

08-16-2014, 02:49
I camped out in most of Maine also. Sometimes it took a little while to find a decent flat spot but it was always doable.

just dad
08-16-2014, 14:11
We just completed that section. There were lots of established sites or lean-to shelters. We never felt the need to look for a stealth site.

08-16-2014, 16:40
So, let me build on this with a few more specific questions, as I will be hiking from Rangeley to Katahdin starting in mid-September and this is one area that doesn't "split" well with daily mileage:

1) Do you recall any tentsites between Safford Notch and Little Bigelow Lean-to (4.9 miles)?

2) Any tentsites between West Carry Pond Lean-to and Pierce Pond Lean-to (10.0 miles)? There is a "Main Logging Road" 5.8 miles north of West Carry Pond.