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08-19-2014, 06:41
I'm looking for private or stealth campsites heading southbound. Before the flames start about paying the fees for shelters, I will pay and donate to support the Green Mountain clubs work. I like to private tent camp. (I just prefer to keep my awkward and sometimes idiotic antics to myself when setting up camp !)
Oh yeah, planning on 10 miler days for Week one SOBO but open to suggestions.

08-19-2014, 07:00
Well, it's not the fees (few shelters in the far north have fees.) It's that hikers are required to stay at shelters due to land use restrictions. Some of the shelters have small tent sites nearby. The various restrictions are listed in the large guidebook, so it's worth reading beforehand (though we didn't actually carry the thing.) We tented at Corliss Camp, but I think that was the only place that had tent sites north of Rt 15.

We did not notice much in the way of tent sites in between the shelters, but of course we weren't looking all that hard. I'm sure you can find them.

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08-19-2014, 12:55
The LT crosses private land or state land until you get to the National Forest south of RT 4. You are required to stay at designated sites (shelters). You can tent around some shelters, but not many. Finding camp sites between shelters is really not practical, even if it were legal (which again, it isn't).