View Full Version : Track your AT progress with this great tool and then post your link!

Gambit McCrae
08-20-2014, 14:20
Use the clickable AT Calculator (http://www.atdist.com/) and mark the sections you have completed, and then using the link that is in the green box, paste in the thread to show others where you have experience at on the trail. This could be a great tool for people asking questions, and know who to ask due to the sections they have logged as completed. The admin for this website is a member of whiteblaze, if he wishes to announce himself I will leave that up to him. I hope he reads this as he probably will as to use the idea I just listed as a possible addition to the site linked to WB.

Mine is below


08-20-2014, 14:50
89.9% complete (1969.9 miles on 20+ section hikes spanning 41 years): http://www.atdist.com/logview?l=FaoW&h=4d07d2

I'm hoping to finish up in early October of this year if my knees hold up and I don't have to start interviewing for a new job!

Gambit McCrae
08-20-2014, 21:03
Wow 109 viewers and only 1 reply? Bummer

2015 Lady Thru-Hiker
08-20-2014, 21:20
Wow 109 viewers and only 1 reply? Bummer

Sorry Gambit. Ended up having to get off before I could comment on how cool I think it is. Don't have enough miles logged on the trail itself though to bother anyone with a link yet. Def very cool though.

08-21-2014, 00:01
Wow 109 viewers and only 1 reply? Bummer

Nice little app works well.

08-21-2014, 16:45
Nice app! 708.8 miles, 10 years. Gettin' there!

08-21-2014, 17:49
1410.6 miles (since 2006) and counting. Damascus, VA almost to The Imp shelter in NH. It's nice to know, but I doubt anyone else really cares, even me. I'm more interested in enjoying my hikes than in knocking out the miles.