View Full Version : Sleeping System thoughts?

08-24-2014, 17:09
I have a Marmot 45degree Always Summer bag and Thermolite Reactor liner. Sleeping on a NeoAir xlite air mattress.

This is all inside a double walled Archer 2 tent when I camp. I sleep a little cold and side sleep.

What's a recommended temperature that I could "probably" be okay with at night using this system before I switch to my heavier 0 degree bag?

I also carry poly pros as a base layer to wear.

Plan on doing some winter camping/backpacking of 5-10 days 10-15 miles per day or so in new England this year and wondering where to establish a good point to switch to the heavier bag. I was thinking around 40 degree night time temperatures forecasted or lower as a baseline.

Thank you,

Rocket Jones
08-24-2014, 18:16
Practice in your yard or porch.

08-24-2014, 18:31
O.K., you didn't die or O.K., you didn't have really good night. I carry a light bag rated 35. I have been O.K. down to about 20 wearing hat, gloves, fleece and in a 3 season tent.

08-24-2014, 19:03
It all depends on if you're a cold sleeper. Like Rocket Jones said, test out this system in the yard and make a few adjustments accordingly. Are you camping in elevation ? If so,subtract 3 degrees per 1000' gained. Wind and cold rain can also change things

Without any time stamp on this up coming hike it's hard to form too many opinions.

Always shoot for being comfortable when trying to figure out the sleep system thing.
If you tend to sleep cold then take the 0 degree bag . You can always unzip the bag partially or completing to vent if you get warm. After all, if you have a poor nights' sleep , your hiking will suffer the next day.