View Full Version : How Is the Water in PA

08-25-2014, 12:38
Planning a section hike from Delaware Water Gap to Front Royal anyone know how the water supply is?

Thanks Mike

10-29-2014, 19:15
i know is this is a bit late, figured id throw out my 2 cents however. hiking nobo on the AT from DWG you will hit a few spots for water. ie sunfish pond, and some random streams. it isnt very wet up there especially in summer months. hiking sobo from DWG theres even less water in my experience in summer months. id make sure to definately pack heavy if you hit this trail mid-late summer next year.

Wise Old Owl
10-29-2014, 19:26
very light. Best hike with the ATC maps for that section so you know where the spigots are.