View Full Version : How to fit a pack on a fat guy?

08-26-2014, 12:44
Considering trying a new pack, a ULA....Circuit.
I realize I am taking a risk ordering but no local dealers means mail order.

I have always had some what of a beer belly. In my later years it has grown.

Wear my existing pack below belly but always have downward slipping.
I also have no arse to keep pack up. I also dislike the feeling of the waist belt around my mid section. Even located in mid section it slips due to, guessing, the softness, yep.

Talked/email Chris at ULA and he suggest that I go with a large torso even though my torso length measures a medium. (on the long side of medium)
He asked my pant length, not actual but what I typically wear? Never had that asked or even considered in a fitting before.

Measurements are
5'-10 1/2" tall
215 lbs
31" pant inseam
Measured torso is 20"

My old pack an older, beast of a North Face internal hat has served me OK for overnighters but has never been comfortable for much over a few days.

What says WB? Go with the large torso or give the medium a try?

08-26-2014, 12:57
Other than the weight (and probably belt size), our measurements are similar (height, torso, inseam). I went with the large torso, medium hip belt and have been very pleased. I also went with the S-straps. I'd go with what Chris suggested and see how it all fits fully loaded.

08-26-2014, 13:40
I've seen similar posts on here, & the recommendations given by ULA have always been spot on.

I imagine, if it were wrong, they'd exchange it?