View Full Version : Anyone know who did this? Artwork at the Free State Hiker Hostel

08-27-2014, 09:21
I found these in the Free State Hiker Hostel register/notebook and was wondering who the artist was that left them for others enjoyment. No, these are pics of them I did not remove them I would never, but I did really like them. Does anyone know who did them?


08-27-2014, 14:46
I very much like the first drawing. There's some talent there.

08-27-2014, 16:28
I like em too. The striking muted highlighted areas along the edges of the the two silhouettes and the sign post really stand out on this otherwise grey day suggesting a mysterious light source.

The second drawing really makes great use of the negative space, not only providing aerial perspective with it's decreasing values but can be interpreted as smoky clouds reminiscent of the the mountains named after them....excellent pieces.