View Full Version : Backpacking in Shenadoah this weekend

08-27-2014, 18:34
Myself and my buddy are driving over to the Thornton Gap Entrance to Shenandoah NP Friday after our unit run in D.C. for a few days of backpacking. I'm the one thru hiking next year (looking like early May at this point). If anyone wants to link up and shoot the ***** for a bit, or even hike with us, feel free to PM me for my number. We don't have a set route we're hiking yet, but are planning on going from Friday afternoon to Monday morning. It would be cool to meet some people that are doing a thru next year that live near me!

Semper Fi

08-27-2014, 21:13
Look for a guy and a girl with an 80 lb Pit Bull and a 10 lb poodle. That is me. I will be in the area Saturday or Sunday. No set plans yet. Good luck and have fun.

08-27-2014, 21:41
Haha awesome, I will. I'll be the guy with a blue pack and lots of tattoos on my arm. Enjoy your weekend.