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blackwater slim
08-28-2014, 19:56
Got a good deal on this tent. Not much talk about it. Will use trekking poles with it but still a little concerned with weight on it but seems to be a quick easy pitch. I'm 6'5" and wonder about size but have seen reviews that say its plenty long. I'm thinking 90" with straight walls has to be long enough. Anyway, interested in comments. Will try to get back on once I get to try it out.

08-28-2014, 20:34
This looks exactly like the MSR Missing Link that was popular back in 2006. Google and and you will find reviews.

08-28-2014, 20:55
Interesting design. The one site I looked at said the packed weight was 4 pounds, but that you could use your trekking poles and not carry the tent poles, which will save some weight. If that gets it closer to 3 pounds that's pretty good for a spacious 2 person tent.

08-28-2014, 22:53
The Missing Link had a vent at the rear .The Fast Stash has no rear vent but has mesh on the side/end walls.
Both were derived from the Walrus Trekker (Walrus merged with another two brands into MSR )
An older design of those was the Whelen Lean To Tent, 1925

BTW, about 3 pound 5 oz without the MSR poles.

08-28-2014, 23:01
BTW, for a tall person the Fast Stash should work better than the Missing Link because the longest side is at the front under the highest point, it is the other way around with the Missing Link
(the floor area is a trapezoid)