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08-29-2014, 16:00
Before I start experimenting I was wondering whether anyone has dehydrated mestless products like Morningstar Crumbles, Tofurky suasages or Trader Joe's suasages or meatball. How did they work out and rehydrate?

Rocket Jones
08-29-2014, 17:34
Never done it, but I'd check the fat content and blot with a paper towel once or twice during the dehydrating. Might want to keep it in the fridge or freezer for long-term storage.

08-30-2014, 00:09
Yeah I like the Morningstar Crumbles too. They make a great vegetarian substitute for ground beef or ground turkey with very similar texture and flavor. I've never dehydrated it but I think it would dehydrate nicely much like can be done with ground beef. I can't speak to your other two items though once dehydrated. It seems dehydrating sausage or meatballs whether vegetarian or not might be kinda weird perhaps chewy in texture once dehydrated.

Before you go down the road dehydrating Morningstar Crumbles have you considered it largely basically consists of textured vegetable protein(TVP) but with some added ingredients like spices for falvoring. Dehydrated TVP already is available though CHEAPLY, like $2/lb often in bulk bins at heathfood stores, Wholefoods, Earthfare, etc. I've even seen it sold in bulk bins at some Krogers Grocery stores in the southeast. I would think buying TVP this way CHEAPLY and then adding spices or other dehydrated ingredients might save you the time, and probably added expense, of dehydrating the Crumbles.

Here's the ingredient list for the Crumbles. Note the first and most abundant ingredient.


10-16-2014, 22:16
I'm with Dogwood. When I thru-hiked the AT in 08, I just used TVP and added my own spices or flavoring to kick up flavor. That may be just me but, on the trail or off I don't have a highly sophisticated palate. You're talking to a guy here who rotated a diet of mac and cheese, romen noddles, and instant rice for 5 months and didn't mind having them the day he walked down off Katahdin. The TVP helped kick up the protein.

Tipi Walter
10-16-2014, 23:21
I've done most of the soy meat products like Tofurkey and Soysausage and even Amy's organic burritos and falafel balls. The meatless patties are okay when added to hot soups (wait in the pot cozy for many minutes), but tend to fall apart in the soup.

Here's Amy's burrito sliced and ready to dry. Excellent as a dried snack, just be careful with occasional rock hard bean.

Veggie links are excellent and can be eaten in soups or straight like jerky, depending on how long you dry them.

Here are some spinach bites dried. Falafel balls also dry well.

Here's some tofurkey slices cooking up but they can be thoroughly dried and added to soups.

10-17-2014, 01:23
The crumble dehydrates just fine. It is low in fat 4% and it is corn oil. I've used it to make Shepherd's pie and Veggie Chili. You can dehydrate it on its own which is what I do for the Shepherd's Pie, just toss a couple of bags into the dehydrator.

10-17-2014, 15:26
As someone who's ready to graduate from tuna and instant rice, I think I'll give TVP a shot for my next hike.

Tipi Walter
10-17-2014, 15:32
Get some TVP and add it to your favorite canned soup and blend with water and pour on dehy trays. Dry and ziploc. Cook in the field.

Right now I have two things drying---
** Organic whole milk with whole pecans blended thoroughly with 6 oatmeal packets added. Pour on trays and dry.
** Whole milk blended with cooked organic brown rice with alot of honey added. Pour on trays etc. This is a sweet breakfast meal.

Rocket Jones
10-17-2014, 17:54
Try the TVP at home before you go out. It causes some rather unpleasant gastric effects in some people, and it's much better to find out before you're on the trail.

10-18-2014, 16:44
I tried vegetarian jerky once :eek: ...just once!:bse ...never again! :D:banana

10-18-2014, 16:53
I have dehydrated vegetarian "sausage" and it worked fine - they were cooked in soups and stews. My only real problem with them is the list of ingredients that go into them, but they are tasty!

10-18-2014, 19:33
I tried vegetarian jerky once :eek: ...just once!:bse ...never again! :D:bananaTurkey jerky is like decaf coffee, it just doesn't cut it.

...cow don't make ham!

10-18-2014, 22:39
THX Alligator and Tipi. I'm going to try your suggestions when i get a hold of my bros dehydrator.

10-18-2014, 22:45
No meat soy Primal Strips in their differnt flavors isn't a terrible substitute for beef jerky.

10-27-2014, 12:27
Turkey jerky is like decaf coffee, it just doesn't cut it.

...cow don't make ham!

The stuff I tried didn't have any meat in it.

I have made teryaki-flavored, chicken jerky. It was pretty good.

My wife finished off about 1/2 pound of it one night while watching TV, ) I didn't get any! :mad: ) :D