View Full Version : Bouncing ! ?

08-30-2014, 09:21
I'm curious about what misc. stuff you carry with you? What you get from home? And what you put in a bounce box?

08-30-2014, 09:41
I used a bounce box on my first long hike for extra socks, seasonal clothing, trail guides and maps. For the limited use I got from it, it wasn't worth the cost of postage and hassle of coordinating with PO business hours. Plus, I put way too much extra crap in it, "just in case." I haven't used one since. I have friends and family who will mail me that stuff if I can't buy or find it along the way. On my hikes, I usually get to a decent store every few weeks without even trying. In an emergency, on a hike like the AT, supplies are never that far away. (A hole in a sock isn't really an emergency, I've discovered.)

08-30-2014, 09:57
I used a bounce box on the Colorado Trail. Bounced medication, extra batteries, charger for camera, and harder to find items or expensive items on trail. Also useful for shipping excess food bought in towns. I spent only around $25 bouncing 4 times, mostly to hostels so no USPS hassles. I think it was worth it and definitely saved me more than $25. Key is to use regional rate priority mail. Under $7 for regional rate b for shorter distances along the trail (under 100 miles or so ). Nearly as big as large flat rate box.