View Full Version : Hiking with old injuries?

09-10-2014, 04:47
We'll this has been on my mind since I've decided I want to do a thru hike.
I broke my right big toe playing volley ball on a court with a cement bottom. Not good for stubbing your big toe. This has bothered me off and on for years. Its never been a big issue I've surfed al over central and south america for 15 years. Yes, it would be sore at times but never stopped me from surfing.
Recently I got into mountain biking and finally took a spill that hurt me and guess what it was my same big toe as 20 years ago. I really smashed it up pretty good. I had cracked my helmet in half and was bleeding in many different areas but it was my tow that really hurt. How is it you can drop off a 5 foot drop, go over the handle bars and have your biggest injury be your big toe? Which really sucks cause injuries to your toes and fingers are the ones that never go away.

It's been two years since this incident but I still don't have full motion in the toe and was wondering if anyone has suffered this injury and hike the AT. I hear about knees and ankles but not a toe. I also nada hairline fracture in my wrist and if I do a pushup wrong it can be very painful. I'm think these small injuries can be worse in the long with breaking a major bone.

Any broken toe suffers out there?

09-10-2014, 04:50
Sorry for the typos;. Not used to being on a forum that you can edit or deleted posts. Proof reading in the posting section is hard on the eye so I rarely do. Hopefully you get my point reading thru the major typos.