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09-11-2014, 12:36
We had some rain and high wind throughout Tuesday and Wednesday. I decided to check out the Lapham Peak Segment (so close to home) to check the trail conditions and deadfall. The park was busy, as I expected with the cooler temps. The cell phone and starbucks crowd was heavy around Homestead Hollow Trail head area. I made my way through to the quieter IAT. The trail is hard packed and not muddy despite the rain. The 2 ponds (kettles) were also dry. If you need water hit up the natural spring on the SW corner of I-94 and hwy C. Or grab some rusty water from the bubbler at homestead hollow. The trail is also clear with no deadfall from hwy C to hwy 18. Happy hiking!

Turtle Feet
09-11-2014, 19:09
Hi Glacier - thanks for the post.

Do volunteers typically go out post-storm to evaluate the trail conditions, or maybe rely on hiker reports, or combination of the two? I'm in the Milwaukee area as well (but just getting to know the IAT) and would be able to do some post-storm scouting if needed. Didn't know if there's already a team of folks that do that sort of thing.

09-11-2014, 20:51
Its done both ways. The more populated/popular areas typically see more volunteers, while the lesser traveled segments depend on hiker reports to stay clear. I'm not active with the regular volunteers because the meetings are held at night and I'm a 2nd shifter. I try to go out and help when and where I can. If you want to get more info on helping with the trail contact the Ice Age Trail Alliance. There are chapter coordinators for each county. I get updates about workdays and helping out via email. Really nice group of people.

09-16-2014, 10:47
I love Lapham Peak. We stayed at the backpacking site there and that was cool. Once the park closes you are the only ones left in the entire park and free to roam. Even though you are relatively close to civilization (and the expressway) when you are alone in the park at night it is very quiet and it was nice to watch the sunset and sunrise on the tower all alone. We had 5-6 deer come right into our campsite and there were a ton of birds there too. It was a really great night and the IAT and the other trails through the park are pretty cool.

Here's some pictures from the tower on another trip I took to the park - http://daveshiking.blogspot.com/2013/10/iat-10-19-13-hartland-segment-to.html