View Full Version : Water in GA & NC

09-21-2014, 17:20
Can anyone tell me the water situation from Unicoi to Standing Indian Mountain? I will be hiking that section next week.

09-21-2014, 18:28
Not so great, we just finished a section north of Hot Springs up to Erwin and there was very little water if any. Most of the marked springs were dry to barely running. The whole area is about six inches below normal rainfall this season, wish I could offer better news. We've abandoned the AT for now and are in the Smokey's doing some loop hikes at lower elevations where water is plentiful. Good luck!

Bear Cables
09-21-2014, 19:31
On you hot springs to Erwin hike, how was the water sources at the shelters?

09-21-2014, 23:22
Almost all were dry including Jerry Cabin which we hear has been pretty reliable in the past.