View Full Version : Water around Pearisburg

09-23-2014, 21:46
Was out in the southern section of Shenandoah Park last weekend and it looked awfully dry. We have a section hike further south very soon that will include several shelters near Pearisburg:

Jenny Knob Shelter, Wapiti, Doc's Knob, and Rice Field.

Has anyone visited any of these recently to know if there's water at the the shelters?

Thanks in advance!

07-28-2015, 23:35
Water was bubbling -- not gushing -- from all springs (even those noted as "intermittent") as I walked from Mountain Lake to Woods Hole. Water in creeks looked pretty good.

Note, however, that (1) there was NO water at any other source and (2) August can get very hot & dry in Virginia. Check the log books, ask people going the opposite way, and be generous with info if you happen to know there's a dry stretch behind you.

07-29-2015, 09:39
I shuttled hikers, as soon as yesterday..historically speaking(confirmed by these hikers) the section from p'burg---pine swamp was nearly non-existant. From p'burg(south)---wapiti shelter/not a whole lot better.from wapiti--jenny knob the best opportunity for reliable resources. You do have the captains'(north of p'burg) and woods' hole(south)--both private residences,on the trail open to hikers for water resupply. Questions, call anytime 540 921 7433(RIDE)