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09-25-2014, 19:36
could someone provide for me the hostel in dahlonega. I want to stay there one night then get a shuttle to springer. Or possibly drive to springer to FS 42 if someone could comment on how to get to fs42 from Dahlonega.
Thanks so much for your help....

Lone Wolf
09-25-2014, 19:41

09-25-2014, 20:50
Thanks..I just spoke to Josh and how nice of a guy. going to make reservations for one night and have them shuttle us to springer...that way our truck is in a safe place and i don't have to worry about fs42 parking.

09-25-2014, 20:57
You won't regret it!

My wife dropped me off there 2 years ago and I started off the next day from springer to Fontana Dam.

Great operation, and Josh is a hell of a nice guy.


09-25-2014, 23:43
Having just stayed at the Hiker Hostel a couple of nights this past week as part of section hike, I will echo Floyd's comment- you'll be glad that you did!

Josh and Leigh are great people, as are the staff folks (Derek and Shannon), and they run a great hostel. The facilities are modern, attractive, comfortable, and clean; their rates are beyond reasonable; and they can provide shuttle support for your hike in GA from Springer Mtn to Blue Ridge Gap. Plus, they will send you out on your first day well fueled by a great breakfast.

I will definitely be staying there again for my next section hike in GA.

09-26-2014, 08:40
Let me add to the above. Yes, they are great and when it was time to pay up, I thought that there must be a mistake. The price was so low that I just couldn't pay it; would feel too guilty. Seems like the tip was about as much as the bill...