View Full Version : Crazy Creek hammock

Lone Wolf
01-16-2003, 13:42
I was at Mt. Rogers Outfitters today and noticed they have a Crazy Crib LE w/tarp, new for $50.00. Call 276-475-5416. They may ship it free if someone is interested.

01-16-2003, 14:27
It's now available for $40 at the REI in Framingham, MA. This is the hammock and tarp, no bug netting.

01-19-2003, 15:24
I bought one. It has a sleeve in the hammock for a sleeping pad. I'll be doing some testing this week in my back yard.

01-22-2003, 09:45
I slept out in the Crazy Creek hammock last night and was generally comfortable at 5-10 degrees F. I'll try to post a more complete review later, but this thing does seem to work in cold weather. The hammock is simply a 46 inch by 95 inch rectangle of nylon with a sleeve on each end for the tree strap. The entire hammock is a double thickness of nylon with one long edge open to insert a pad. I inserted 2 closed cell foam pads so they reached to both edges and overlapped in the middle. Instead of ropes for hanging, this hammock has 1 inch wide straps with heavy-duty metal buckles - the buckle was much appreciated when I set up the hammock in breezy 10 degree weather. - it was easy to set up with mittens on. I use a double sleeping bag system in cold weather, so I put both sleeping bags in the hammock. I got in both and was immediately too warm, so got out of the inner bag. The outer bag is usually good to 30 degrees outside or 20 degrees in a tent without wearing clothing inside. I had on fleece pants, heavy wool socks, a wool undershirt and wool shirt when I got in the bag, and I didn't want to undress out in the wind. I tried removing the pants inside the bag, but since I hadn't tried such contortions in a hammock before, I gave that up and kept them on. I was quite warm, except my feet seemed to be off the end of the pad and my heels were cold. So I stuffed a fleece jacket inside the bag under my feet, and then was toasty everywhere and fell asleep. At 3:30 I wore up and noticed that the sky was clear and the air was colder. Since I was a little chilly, I pulled the second sleeping bag around me inside the first and fell asleep again. Later I found my feet slightly cool, mabye because they were partially above the sides of the hammock whereas the rest of me was below the sides and well protected from any wind. Bottom line: I was warm and I slept well. No pressure points and I was able to sleep in one position much longer than usual. Haven't tried the tarp yet, as it would involve some knot-tying in the cold. For now I'll skip the tarp and enjoy viewing the starry sky.

SGT Rock
01-22-2003, 10:01
I'm waiting for mine to show up. I can't wait.