View Full Version : Hammock Gear Cuben Fiber Tarp Gear Review

10-02-2014, 15:04
Check out this comprehensive gear review of the Hammock Gear Standard Cuben Fiber Tarp here


I've used it for over 1000 miles for both hammock camping and ground camping!

10-02-2014, 15:14
Thanks for sharing this. I have the exact same tarp that I use for my hammock and don't have too many trail miles on it yet. I've always wondered about durability and how easy it would be use to use as a ground tarp if I ever need to go to the ground. I think your review helps me for these concerns.

blue indian
10-02-2014, 15:41
Thanks for the post. I want one.

blue indian
10-02-2014, 15:46
I want to upgrade from my warbonnet edge to this. It will save me some weight and give me more space. Does the HG tarp have a continuous ridgeline or two guy out points?

10-02-2014, 15:51
It has two D rings to tie out the ridge. I added a continuous ridge line and use the technique and equipment as shown here:


blue indian
10-02-2014, 16:03
Gotcha. There are so many methods of doing this. Its kind of ridiculous