View Full Version : Boot Refresher

10-16-2005, 17:29
A while back I got significant water in both my hiking boots. Unfortuneately now whenever I wear them they get pretty smelly. What is the best way to refreshen boots so at the end of the day everyone doesn't make you stay downwind at the campsite?


10-16-2005, 18:13
baking soda? I've never tried it but...


10-16-2005, 22:51
I would try taking out the innersoles and sprinkling some baking soda in there - also a shot of spray Lysol (and it needs to be Lysol) will help.

You can also stick dryer sheets in them - sometimes helps stinky sneakers

10-16-2005, 23:41
If they were from LLBean you could just send them back...:datz

Try washing them in laundry soap (in the washer if you dare) and then use any other solution. Good luck. I had a pair of LLBean boots that got wet inside, smelled like fermented beans (horrendous) for nearly 3 months before my gf made me remove them from the apartment. I sent them back to Bean for a new pair, no questions asked. THANK YOU.