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10-04-2014, 09:46
I've had the tarp tent for 9 months now and I really love it! I've put together a YouTube review and thought I'd post a link here, this is the tent I'll be taking for my 2015 AT Thru attempt.
Hope this helps anyone on the fence about their shelter.

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10-04-2014, 11:12
A well produced video. I have an older solo Tarptent Rainbow. The setup order I use is reversed from what you do -- ridge pole first, then stake it down. Maybe I'll try your way one of these times. I like the roominess, quick setup, nice ventilation as long as you can keep the fly open. In a downpour I think I'd rather be in my old Eureka Solitaire.

10-04-2014, 11:24
Nice review, thanks for sharing!

10-04-2014, 12:03
Nicely done! "Roomy one lady tent" - that's my style!

10-04-2014, 15:07
Excellent job, excellent review. Provided authentic, usable information. I look forward to future videos.


10-04-2014, 20:35
Hey Rafe, your set up is the same for the instructions provided with my double rainbow, I just found that in wind this caused me some issues. I haven't had any issues with staking first and I prefer to do it that way now.

Glad you guys liked the video, hope to review more gear after I fine tune my set up.

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10-04-2014, 21:47
Nice video and review. Thanks for taking the time. It really helps to get a first hand perspective from someone who has actually used a piece of equipment. Good luck on your thru. Hope to see out there! BTW, I spent most of 1988 in your gorgeous country. Hitch hiked and backpacked my way around much of it. Had the best time and almost stayed for good. I hope you have a great time here too!! Ta

10-04-2014, 22:37
Well done Stephanie, you obviously can set up tents.
That 'insert the pole first,stake one end and push the pole into position' way of doing it, works well ,in adverse weather conditions , with most tents that use sleeves , particularly the tunnel types (well worth remembering)

One other possible set up that we don't have on our web site nor in the instructions is using trekking poles to support the sides in high winds.
You will find a grommet at the end of the cross apex strut.
Insert the pole tip there and guyout.

For condensation management I use Super Chux *, works better for me than microfiber. give that a go too.
(*absorbent kitchen cloths, not the spongy type)
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10-05-2014, 00:29
Thanks Franco, I'll try a super chux on my next trip.

Hi Kerry, thanks for the comments, I've relied really heavily on online reviews when choosing my gear. Not too many stockist here are suppliers of the gear perfect for long distance hiking. I think it comes down to a majority of Aussies being car campers.
Glad you enjoyed your time in Aus, I can't wait to hit the trail next year. :)

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11-03-2014, 20:20
Excellent review. Having never really given TT a look, this was a compelling look into the double rainbow.

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01-26-2015, 19:15
Just had my first proper heavy rain in the double rainbow this weekend! Held up beautifully!!

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01-26-2015, 20:27
The rainbow is an excellent tent. I endured 3 days of crazy storms in kings canyon in mine and it never leaked a drop and took the wind beautifully.

01-27-2015, 09:20
Oddly enough, I just came across this video review last night as I was looking for ways to set up/take down my brand new Double Rainbow. Question for you: since it's somewhat long and can't be stuffed small and tight due to the top cross bar, where do you pack it in your backpack? I was contemplating just strapping it to the outside but maybe you have a different suggestion?

01-27-2015, 10:59
Not sure about newer models or he double but I. My older single rainbow I cut the end of the webbing g and took the top pole out for packing. Like I said- I'm not sure about the design of newer models since mine is several years old.

01-27-2015, 17:30
The top pole/support can come out and you can store the poles/pegs in a side pocket and pack the tent down a bit smaller if you like. I strap mine to my pack as is and I've seen another person who just stores it 'upright' in their pack.

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01-29-2015, 00:01
Great video thanks for sharing!

01-30-2015, 17:48
The double rainbow is an awesome tent! Great video :)