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10-06-2014, 00:26
I've got an old North Face sleeping bag that is in excellent shape, but I have no idea what it's temperature rating is. :confused: I'm hoping one of you might recognize the model and have an answer. The label says its a "fullite reg, 78" x 30", with a net weight goose down filling = 2 lbs 3 oz. Are any of you familiar with this bag? (Yes, I could try it out, but its still pretty warm here in Texas.)

10-06-2014, 00:53
2.3 lbs. of goose down should be good for somewhere in the range of 10 or 20F, if it's been well maintained. It's most likely not a very high grade of down. But that's wicked heavy for a thru-hiking bag.

One way to tell is to roll it out and eyeball the thickness of the bag when it's fully lofted. A 10-20 degree bag will have maybe 5 inches total loft (counting the bottom and top layers.)

A bag filled with 2 lbs. of 800-grade (fancy) down -- if such a thing exists -- would probably loft to 8 inches or more and be good to -20F. (And cost a small fortune.)

10-06-2014, 06:36
Wow! That's really helpful info, Rafe. Thanks!

10-06-2014, 09:35
I hope someone else chimes in. The North Face bag you describe sounds similar to my very first down bag, which I bought for $65 back in 1972. It's still quite usable. I wouldn't consider it for a long distance hike (way too heavy) but I have used it on overnights in the winter in the White Mountains.