View Full Version : Update on SMD Starlite 05 backpack?

Big Dawg
10-17-2005, 14:39
I'm seriously considering the Starlite 05, & have a few questions. Has anyone out there in WB land bought this 05 model, & if so, how's it holding up? I've read the BGT.com reviews, & it sounds like the 04 model was improved based on feedback. I've not seen any reviews since the 05 model, & just wanted an update. Also, I'm a big guy, & have a torso length in the 22-23" range. The 05 Starlite maxes out at 23". Will a person who pushes the max torso range on this pack have any issues? Also, one of the issues that didn't seem to be changed was the pack cloth used on the bottom of the pack, which one tester thru BGT had a problem w/ small holes, & claimed didn't abuse the pack. Any concerns here? Thanks all!!