View Full Version : Never Wet

10-17-2014, 16:48
Might this open up some new possibilities?

10-17-2014, 17:03
If there's one thing I've been waiting for, it's the ability to shower my outdoor gear in mustard and chocolate sauce with no messy cleanup.

Seriously though, looks like some neat stuff. I have to wonder about longevity however. Most rain shells will bead right up like that when they have a brand new DWR, but it sure doesn't last forever. I could see something like spraying the outside of a pack so it doesn't take on water weight when soaked, but I'd be pretty hesitant to spray my phone with it and assume it would remain waterproof as they show in the video.

10-17-2014, 19:10
No. It has been around a couple of years. Leaves white hazy film on what its applied to. Wears off. Doesn't work that great in reality.

kayak karl
10-17-2014, 21:59
what would hiking be like if things were "never wet" ?