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Mike Drinkuth
01-16-2003, 18:18
Who else has read this?

I'm reading it now and it is proving to be an INVALUABLE resource! I 'm looking forward to repacking my pack a little differently any applying some other tips and new thinking [from this book] to my next trip
(January 27th...I am a horse and it is my carrot)

I'm finding it kinda tough in spots, however, because Mr. Fletcher is so damn intelligent! More than once i've had to re-read paragraphs. Mabye it's just me. :confused:
I'm realizing that this man is more than just the father of modern backpacking, he's a road scholar.

To anyone who hasn't read it,
the table of contents looks like this...

Chapter 1 / Why Walk pgs. 1-13
Chapter 2 / House on your back *pgs. 13 - 526*

and chapter 2 is sectioned off into
1. ground plan 2. foundations 3. walls 4. kitchen 5. bedroom
6. clothes closet 7. furnature and appliances 8. housekeeping and other matters

Anyone else have thoughts about this book?
Which chapters did you find the MOST useful?

brown bess
01-16-2003, 19:08
Fletcher is an interesting guy, true. And he has some good tips and information. I read an earlier version of 'The Complete Walker', and enjoyed it. But, just remember, unless this version is drastically different, he is talking about hiking in a different environment than you will experience on the AT!! Just something to keep in mind as you read.

brown bess

01-16-2003, 19:41
There is a new edition of this book that came out this year. The Complete Walker 4" was writen mostly by him, but he had a stroke or a heart attack in the middle of writting it and he had to get help for the rest of the book.

It might be completely different from the third one, as I know that edition was getting outdated.

01-16-2003, 20:28
I have the fourth edition (as well as a 2nd edition), and it's a must for any serious hiker's library, IMHO. Fletcher has quite the wit and wisdom and The Complete Walker is chock full of information, and the fourth edition covers much more up to date, lighter weight gear. It's not necessarily applicable to a thru-hike, but a worthy read indeed.


Mike Drinkuth
01-17-2003, 11:21
yeah, I can sense that it is a little outdated because he refers to ultralight gear as "New Wave" all the time but I was just full on impressed at the layout of the book. That's cool that there's a 4th in the series...I didn't know that.
I have read "Thousand Mile Summer" before and I keep picturing him packing in the california terrain. I STILL can't believe he did that way back in the late 50's!
Neat guy!

01-17-2003, 14:47
Agreed. He's very knowledgeable.

01-17-2003, 15:40
Actually, Fletcher was in an automobile accident...here's a blurb from an announcement of the publication of Complete Walker..the interview in Backpacker Magazine in August 2002 is very interesting...can't find it on the web but you might find a copy in a library...

"Octogenarian Fletcher has put a lot of miles on his boots in the 18 years since publication of Walker III and admits he doesn't get around as much as he once did. A year ago he was nearly killed when an SUV blindsided him while he was walking across a road to attend a town meeting near his home in rural Monterey County, Calif. He's back on his feet and walking daily. According to an article about his ordeal in the August issue of Backpacker magazine, doctors said his good phyical fitness from walking helped him survive the accident."

I'd also recommend a collection called the "The Secret World of Colin Fletcher"....

01-17-2003, 15:46
Further on the automobile accident, he finished up his work on The Complete Walker 4 while recovering from the accident. Given the severity of the accident, his recovery has been pretty remarkable - he's still out walking just about everyday.

01-17-2003, 22:07
The guy who co-authotered IV is C.L.Rawilins who is a admirable person as well in the outdoor life. read "Broken Country, Mountains and Memory", "Sky's Witness". Anyway IV is a fantastic book and a must read for this life.

01-19-2003, 12:49
I just ordered the complete walker IV.